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Our model is simple

We offer a wide range of wines from grapes grown in the famous Napa - Sonoma regions and other fine winemaking regions in California. We proudly offer our signature Chateau Adore Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir from our own JW Vineyard located in Sonoma County region.

We produce value priced wines under L’Amanda Hills label and a vintage blend of red wine called California Red Wine under the Chateau Adore label. This wine is made from high quality grapes harvested from vineyards throughout California, including Sonoma County and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We can provide a private label specifically designed for you by supplying the grapes, barrels and a winemaking protocol to make a spectacular wine at a reasonable price. Our winemakers have extensive experience with fine wine production. Many of our clients want to create their own label rather than carry established brands. This sets them apart from the competitors.

A private label bottling can be done in case quantities tailored to fit your needs where you have the opportunity to be in control of the quality of the wine packaging as well as the price per bottle.



We offer excellent premium wines that will satisfy anyone's palate.

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